Welcome to Midnight Fire

Midnight Fire has around 500* members (465 last time I checked), A guild bank with 6 tabs, Ventrillo, this website and a Facebook page. We welcome all players as long as they are level 10 or higher.

Midnight Fire is a friendly, casual, hybrid guild whose members have a broad spectrum of interests from leveling to raiding. Real life is more important than a game but that is not to say the game is not important to us. For many of us, Wow is a part of our everyday lives but our available time varies with life's commitments such as family, work and school responsibilities.  We are a Family Friendly Guild, which means we keep to a high standard of behavior during guild chat and guild events.  We do not allow cursing, sexual content, offensive language or behavior.  We have no intention of trying to be one of the 'elitist' guilds on Aerie Peak; we are just here to improve and have fun. We also expect our  members to represent us in randoms, trade chat etc... so offensive behavior will result in action on our part.

We may be casual but we want to see some end-game content; however, you will not find the raiding pressure or recruitment requirements you'll find in some other guilds.  We understand their reasons but that's just not who we are.  What we are is a community of players who have banded together to help each other be better players, to build a sense of community in-game, to provide a safe and respectful environment, to help and share in leveling, learning and every aspect of the game.  We have many level 80's and run guild sponsored raids, dungeons and other events, usually on weekends, but we are NOT a raiding guild.

We are, however, raiding on a weekly basis, usually Wed/Thurs & Friday night. We do raids from many levels from 60 up.  We currently have a team that is 6/12 in ICC10. We are also doing Northrend dungeons all throughout the week; if you want to do one ask in guild chat.

Midnight Fire

An Aerie Peak  Alliance Guild


Guild Leader:


Shaman Level 80

You can email me at: OMGnospam@Runesnaps.com

*remove 'nospam' to email

Guild Founder:


Hunter Level 80

You can email me at: MNFnospam@Runesnaps.com

WoW Guild Rankings Our Moto: R.A.H.D.

Recruit - Help us grow by inviting people you meet in game who you think would make good members.

Attend - Guild events, runs and raids. We can't do it without you.

Help - Help others with quests, answer questions in guild chat, use your professions to help etc...

Donate - Mats for others professions, gear you don't need, gold if you can afford it.


WowJutsu: World of Warcraft Guild Rankings

Help pay for our guild chat system

ClanPay: Use this feature to donate money to help us pay for our Ventrillo Voice Server  

Our voice system for Raids costs us approx. $7 per month. We can upgrade to 25 users if some of you help pay for the service.

Currently Gorgonis pays for this service so any donations would be very welcome; even a dollar will help!

Gorgonis also pays for the upkeep of this website which includes hosting and services such as our forums.

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NOTE: there is a lot of info here as it covers all our rules, guidelines, policies etc...please read it all at least once.

Standard of Conduct

We believe that your in-game persona reflects your real life values and we hold our members to a high standard of behavior.  Members carry our guild name above their heads and our logo on their chest; bad behavior reflects back upon us all. Our members are our greatest resource; participate to make Midnight Fire a great place for all!

The following is an outline of our rules (see the rest of this page for detailed rules):

  • Follow ALL World of Warcraft rules as specified in the Terms of Use.  If you are unfamiliar with the Terms of Use follow the link and read the rules.
  • We NEVER use the word NOOB.  (A hard habit to break)
  • We do not discriminate based on age, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.
  • We do not discuss religion or politics in guild chat.
  • Keep chat clean. This is a family friendly guild.
  • Treat each other with respect.  We're a team! Act like it.
  • Play the game with honor, treat all players fairly and with respect.
  • If you scam, ninja or hack you will be kicked; your behavior reflects on all of us.
    • Do not discuss Private Servers. Private Servers are created with stolen software and are illegal.
  • It is not permissible to ask for guild RUNS. See Policy by clicking this.
  • NO ASKING FOR GOLD OR FOR A LOAN. It is ok to ask someone with a particular skill to make or do something for you. They may do it for free or they may ask you to provide the materials. Show your gratitude when someone helps you and think about what you might do for them - perhaps give them some extra mats to help with their leveling or some item you make that they can use.
  • DO NOT take things from the guild bank for your own profit.
  • READ THE RULES, Ignorance is not an excuse.
  • If you have a problem with someone please discuss it in Whisper with one of the officers. We will help you resolve it fairly and with a minimum of drama. Tempers can flare in the heat of battle and people make mistakes; lets give each other the benefit of the doubt.
  • These rules are subject to change. Officers rulings are final.



Midnight Fire accepts all classes and any level 10+.  If you'd like to join please read the info below and contact one of the officers in game for an invite.

Any member who wants his/her alt in the guild must request this ON THEIR MAIN, then log off the main and have the alt invited. Members will be deleted after 60 days of inactivity so make sure to log in once a month or so on those alts.  If you are kicked due to inactivity you can come back just ask one of the Exalted to invite you.

There is a lot of info here, READ IT because I believe it will help you understand both how we function in MNF and how you can enjoy your membership and game experience more fully.



Vent is a piece of software used for in-game chatting.  We use this mainly during raids and it is a requirement for participation in guild raids. Currently we have a 25 slot server.

  • What you  need:

    • The Ventrillo Client Software which you can download here: Ventrillo Client

    • A headset with microphone - You don't need to talk if you don't want to but being able to hear the instructions etc is very important in raids.

    • Vent Password - which you can get in-game from Whitedryad or Gorgonis.

    • Vent ID - When you set up your ID in the client software please use your guild member  name otherwise it's too confusing to figure out who everyone is.

    • If you need help setting it up ask Gorgonis to help you in-game.


  • Vent Rules:

    • Same chat rules apply here as in guild chat.

    • Non-guild members are NOT to be given the Vent Password w/o prior permission from Whitedryad, Gorgonis or Yuna. We pay for this service and we don't want our members to be locked out because non-members are using it AND we cannot control non-member behavior.

    ClanPay: Use this feature to donate money to help us pay for our Ventrillo Voice Server  

    Our voice system for Raids costs us approx. $7 per month.

    Currently Gorgonis pays for this service so any donations would be very welcome.

    *click RAIDING on the top menu for full Vent setup instructions.


Looking for people who want to help our guild grow

We need are a few people to help with guild events for the levels 10-80.  These positions would involve deciding which dungeons to run, inviting those who are of the right level, creating the parties, running the events and policing behavior during the event. We use the in-game calendar system for this. Each person would be responsible for running a minimum of one event at some point during the week. You can use Vent but it is not a requirement. This is a leadership role and leads to promotion.  I have found that those who are most active in the guild are the ones who benefit the most from being in a guild. If you can help out please contact Gorgonis in game or send him a mail in game.


Check RuneSnaps Forum under Midnight Fire for guild chat, news & events. Post your in-game images in the Wow snaps section.


Only the FAQ's M'am

  • How do I get promoted?
    • Participate in guild events. Not all events will be appropriate for all members but when an event IS appropriate for you please try to participate.  Events build friendships and help us learn to work together as a team.
    • Recruit members. No one under lvl 10 please.
    • Keep the Exalted informed when you see a member do something nice, or something wrong.  Helping to  keep the guild a safe and happy environment for all is a sign of leadership.
    • Do nice things for  others.  This one is a little harder because usually only YOU know what you did.  If someone does something extra nice for you please send a message (mail, chat or email) to Gorgonis and let me know. 
      • What kind of nice things can you do?
        • Mail a member something like potions, food or some little trinket. Everybody loves getting mail and when a present is attached how much better is that? It doesn't have to cost anything.. maybe you  make potion or bags?  Check their professions via the WoW Armory and see what they might need that you collect along the way anyway.  Make someone's day and make them feel welcome.
        • Help someone with a quest.
        • Answer questions on Guild Chat.
        • Make friends with a new guild member - chat with them, offer to do quests or train together etc... everyone enjoys feeling welcome and, after all, that's why we join a guild.
        • If you have drops you can't use.... piece of armor etc... ask on guild chat, or on the forum, if anyone needs it (assuming it's tradable and you don't need the cash you'd get selling it)
        • If you see a guild member is in the same area as you training try to meet them and see if there is an opportunity to train together.
    • Donate money to the guild bank. Why is this important?  In the past this money was used to purchase bank tabs. We now have all available bank tabs thanks to our members! We still  need money because these funds are used to pay for guild member repairs.  In addition, we have a mount program where we help members purchase their first mount. Money will also be used to help fund our high level raid teams.  Guild bank funds are also used to pay for parties we hold every once in awhile and for prizes. However, participating in other ways is more important that gold.


  • What happens when I get promoted?
    • You have a place of honor in the guild.
    • Guild members respect you and see you're working for the good of the guild.
    • At a certain rank you can use guild bank funds to repair your armor. This increases with rank.
    • At a certain rank you'll be able to take items from the guild bank. This increases with rank.
    • Higher ranked players will lead our events and raid teams


  • What do the Ranks mean:(this is approxmate as White is working on rank structure):
    • Leader:  There is only one leader in the guild, which is the GM/GL (Guild master/Guild Leader). The Guild Leader is all powerful and can do everything and then some.....  Gorgonis is the current Guild Leader.
    • Rank 1 - Extra Exalted: This is sort of like Vice President and is set up to make the guild function  more smoothly. This rank is unattainable unless you are a blood relative of Gorgonis. The Extra Exalted & Guild Leader can promote.
    • Rank 2 - Exalted: This is the highest rank a member can achieve. You have access to 20 items/stacks from each bank tab per day.  You can view & edit the officer & public note, and may also listen and talk on Officer Chat.  You can Demote or kick members.  Please only demote & kick when absolutely necessary.  Exalted have access to the Officer Tab.
    • Rank 3 - Captain: can listen and talk on Officer Chat, and can view the Officer Note.  They can also edit the public note.  You have access to the guild bank and may use guild funds for repairs.
    • Rank 4 - Lieutenant: As a Lieutenant you can listen to Officer Chat but may not speak on it.  You have access to the guild bank and may use guild funds for repairs. You can invite others to the guild.
    • Rank 5 - Knight: You have access to the guild bank and may use guild funds for repairs. You can invite others to the guild.
    • Rank 6 - Squire: As a Squire you may take items from the guild bank and use the guild bank funds for repairs. You can recruit others.
    • Rank 7 - Page: You're on the right track, keep it up! You can now recruit others to the guild.
    • Rank 8 - Initiate: At this rank you may use guild bank funds for repairs.  You can also take out 1 item/stack from the guild bank per day.
    •  Rank9- Recruit: Welcome to Midnight Fire. You are on probation so you cannot take things from the guild bank or recruit others. If you need anything from the bank ask on guild chat or send a mail note to Gorgonis. If you have a friend who wants to join ask on guild chat for someone to invite them. If you do not follow the rules you will be kicked, sometimes w/o warning. Do the right thing and you'll be on your way up the ladder in no time.


  • A Note about Exalted - Members cannot become Exalted by donating tons of gold.  This rank is reserved for members who have proven themselves to the guild over time.  They are trusted with a great deal of responsibility.  Trust does not come in a day or a week but must be earned by a long membership and by their honorable actions.  The Exalted set an example to the rest of the guild and help other guild members with any  problems them may have.  Ask any of them if you have a problem or need help. The Exalted also enforce guild rules and have the power to demote and kick. Only the GL & Extra Exalted can promote but the Exalted make recommendations.

    Responsibilities of the Exalted (and other officers):

    • It is NOT the responsibility or job of officers to 'run' lower levels through dungeons. Officers pay their $15 a month to play how they see fit. However, they MAY run members if they choose to do so.
    • It IS the responsibility of officers to:
      • Police guild chat and make sure members do not break the rules. It sucks but it has to be done.
      • Provide advice on talents, gear, professions and general game play when others ask in guild chat.
      • Use their professions to help others (those being helped must provide mats if necessary).
    • The EXALTED are responsible for kicking members from the guild for bad behavior.
    • The EXALTED are responsible for recommending members for promotion but other members may also mail the GL or other Exalteds with suggestions.
    • The Exalted help set guild policy, rules and events.


  • How do I get a Tabard or something out of the bank?
    • If your rank is too low (lower than Initiate) to get items out of the bank or there is no tabard in the bank simply whisper or mail one of the following who will get it for you:
      • Whitedryad
      • Gorgonis
      • YunaRiku
      • TieneSith
      • Any of the Exalted or any other guild member with bank rights.


  •  It's my guild bank and I want it NOW!!!!  Why don't I have access to the guild bank NOW?
    • There is a scam that goes on where someone joins a guild, gets access to the bank, cleans it out, quits, joins another, rinse and repeat. In order to protect the collective assets of the guild we require you to prove yourself as a valuable member before granting you the privileges of full membership.
    • It would not be fair to those guild members who donate goods and gold if we just gave them away to anyone who belonged to the guild for 1 minute.  However, as a new guild member (or one who has not been promoted high enough to get guild items) you do have the ability to get items.  All you have to do is ask a guild officer and he/she will withdraw the items and give them to you.  He/she may not be able to do it the second you ask so be patient, send a request by mail and they will return the item to you by mail. Also, if u are new your request may be denied if we feel you cannot use the item.
    • It is considered BAD FORM to join and immediately ask for 'stuff'.  You do not want to be perceived as greedy.  We want members who will help us build the guild and make it a great place for all.  If you plan on staying, and we hope you do, then be patient.  Give before you take; this doesn't mean goods or gold either....participate in chat, help someone else... be a part of the guild for a few days so people know who you are.  Then guild members will feel good about helping YOU.  This goes for asking for a promotion too.... do the right things and it will come.. be patient.


  •  Guild members do not have access to guild gold. Only the Guild Leader or Extra Exalted have access to the gold.
    • Gorgonis may take funds to pay for parties or mats to make flasks or other things for raids.  It is the responsibility of the Guild Leader to safeguard the funds for the good of the guild. Loans are NEVER made to guild members.


    • It is against guild rules to take items from the guild bank to sell for your own profit.  If you can Wield, Wear or use the  items in your profession then feel free to take the items but there is no selling of goods taken from the bank.  If you are caught taking items to sell you will be 1] demoted to Recruit with no bank access. 2] asked to apologize publicly to the guild and 3] asked to pay restitution or return the items. If you will not comply you will be kicked. If you are on warning already you will be kicked. ONE EXCEPTION:  Even though Enchanting is a profession, you are NOT to take items out to disenchant. Ask someone to help you through an instance and DE those items.  Sometimes one of the Exalted+ will remove items and disenchant them if the bank is full and the item doesn't sell when posted on the AH. These mats are used for guild member enchants not for the personal profit of the exalted.


  • LOOT & DRAMA (loot rules subject to change as we learn)


    • When doing instances (dungeons) with a guild group there has to be a way to decide fairly who gets which drops.  In our guild we have two methods of deciding Ė one for high level dungeons/raids and one for everything else. 

      5 Mans: General practice is to roll NEED if the item is an upgrade. Roll Greed if the item is not an upgrade but will be sold for profit. ON BOE's roll Greed if you are with a guild group.. when with a pug group it is generally best to wait for others to roll.. if they roll NEED then you roll NEED.

      Level 80 Raids:  In all raids under ICC we use Master Looter.  One member of the team will be designated Loot Master; generally this will be a member of the Exalted.  When an item drops those people for whom the item would be an upgrade may roll.  It MUST be an upgrade for the toon in the instance at that time NOT for an alt or for an off spec set.  For example, say Yunariku is in the group as Tank, A really nice bit of plate armor with a good attack bonus drops.  Yuna would NOT roll on it even tho he needs attack when soloing quests. He wears Plate w/good defensive stats Tanking so he can roll on those items that are an upgrade for him if they drop. 

      If the item is NOT an upgrade for anyone then those people who might use the piece for an off spec set may roll.  If no one wants it for off spec then we have it enchanted and the mats go to the GB for member enchants.  Greens are picked up by whoever the body is tagged for. If we have no enchanter we may either have the MLer take it, vendor it and put the money in the GB or we may just let everyone roll for it to sell. We set Master Loot on Blues or better. BOE's are rolled on by those who can use it as an upgrade just like boss drops. If no one present can use them then the go into the GB.

      In Northrend Raids - In ICC we use the EPGP loot system which is fully explained in the forums on this site. On all other raids we use Master Looter.



      1. What if itís an upgrade but I need the next level to use it? You can still roll as if it was an upgrade for yourself unless it is an immediate upgrade for someone else.


      1. If you roll and win on a piece and you are discovered selling it you will be demoted to recruit and warned.  This is the same as taking items from the guild bank and selling them on the AH.  In addition, you will be asked to publicly apologize to the guild and repay the value of the item to the guild bank. UNLESS you have won it as part of the last group - open roll.  If you win it that way then you are free to do with it as you please.


      There will be NO drama allowed regarding loot or itís distribution.  We run instances over and over so if you donít get a piece you wanted today, chances are you will get it another day.  It is ONLY gear and there is lots of it in the game.  Pitching a fit over a piece of loot may result in your removal from the instance group and from the guild depending on the severity of your actions. Mistakes do happen and if you don't get a piece you were entitled to we are sorry.... but again.. it's only virtual loot....


      1. What if someone Needs on something they can't use and it's an item I really wanted? First, you tell them they were wrong for needing and remind them of the guild loot rules.  Items can now be traded in an instance so the piece should be given to the person who was entitled to it.  If they Need incorrectly again they should be kicked from the instance by the party leader.  You should then notify one of the Exalted and let them know what happened.  The Exalted will contact that person and the other members of the party to get the full story.  The Exalted will resolve the situation.  

      NOTE: When doing instances with non-guild members we expect you to act fairly and honestly.  Your behavior reflects on all of us.  We have had times when guild leaders from other guilds have contacted us about a member of Midnight Fireís behavior in an instance.  You DO NOT want that person to be you.  We also report bad behavior of other guild members to their Guild Leaders.  If you have a problem with another guildís member or with a member of Midnight Fire you are to tell one of the Exalted about it.  We will deal with the situation. You ARE NOT to rant about it in guild chat.

      ALSO NOTE: We have discovered, thru bad experience, that people in PUGs NEED everything.  It is best to ask up front what the loot rules are when Pugging. If you can't get a straight answer, or everyone is doing whatever they want, Need on the items you can use.  PUGS are sometimes a necessary evil that we have to deal with as best we can. Some pugs are great and we've made many friends this way.


  • Community Spirit (making friends):
    • A few people left the guild because they said they did not feel welcomed so I wanted to say a little something about community spirit.  We have a good sized guild and sometimes it's hard to find your place.   Maybe you're new to the guild AND Wow and just don't know what to do.  A guild is a great place to have a ready made group of friends but you still have to work at friendships (just like in real life.)  Community spirit grows when we work at it. Without it we are just a group of people with our names on a list. The more we work together the better team we'll be when we get good enough to do some serious raids.  PLAY TOGETHER, GROW TOGETHER!!


    • Always greet new members with a hearty WELCOME.
    • Pick a new member and send them a nice mail message; maybe with a small gift.
    • Be active on guild chat and answer questions whenever they can -if you don't know the answer SAY SO  that the person knows people aren't ignoring them.
    • Help lower levels with quests whenever possible - offer if you see you're in the same region as someone lower.  If someone asks on guild chat and you can help them do so.
    • Engage less active members in guild chat by saying - "Hey [so and so] how are you today? Need any help" Some people are shy or unsure of themselves and need to be drawn into the discussion.  Often all it takes is someone being friendly and making the first move.
    • We know you are busy but try to make some time to help others. 
    • Not have an attitude because you are a higher level or more experience. Everyone has something to bring to the table.


    • Participate in guild chat.
    • Participate in events - official ones are posted on the Calendar, unofficial ones are discussed on the guild chat all the time.  Pay attention to guild chat. Respond on guild chat and ask to come, if no one responds then whisper one of the people discussing it.. sometimes people are very busy and preoccupied with a lot of things at one time and just missed your comment.. they ARE NOT slighting YOU so don't take it  personally.
    • Not get bent out of shape if you ask for help and no one can do it at that moment.  Realize that people play this game for their own enjoyment and may be busy with a quest of their own at the moment.  We can't expect people to stop what they are doing and help us at the drop of a hat. Perhaps someone will offer to help you at a more convenient time OR you can ask when other people are on at a later time. People might also be very far away as it sometimes can take up to 1/2 hour to travel to the other side of the world. You can also get help by asking on the general channel in your area - type /1. <message> (like 'can someone please help me with Hogger?' or 'looking for help with hogger')
    • Always thank those who help you and ask if you can help them in some way.
    • Do all the things listed above that members should do.


    • EVENTS:
      • There are Official Guild Events which take place on Saturdays, Sundays and sometimes on holidays or Friday nights. These will be listed on the Guild Calendar; check it regularly. We try to hold several a month that lower levels can attend. Sometimes these are parties where you can win prizes such as armor, weapons or companions (birds, butterflies etc..). Only members of a level to participate are invited so you  may not see one listed.
      • Unofficial Events happen all the time. These include an impromptu group getting together to do the deadmines or other dungeon, to help each other with quests etc....
      • Some guilds do raids every day or many times a week.  We are not a high powered guild whose members are 100% invested in WOW. We LOVE Wow of course, and some of us (I wonder who) spend more time than they should playing, but we don't run events daily and we don't  pressure you to attend.  We don't punish you if you don't attend but you won't get 'points' towards promotions if you don't. 


      • We have been doing ICC10 weekly with our Regular Raid Team (which is invite only.)
      • Different Raids need different mixes of classes. We invite those that we think will help the raid be successful. Do not be hurt if you are not invited.  DO tell Gorgonis  that you want to participate in Raids and you will get invited when we can fit you in.  One thing that helps you get invited is to have the best gear you can; it makes all the difference. Go to wow-heroes.com and look at how your gear rates; it provides suggestions on how you can upgrade your gear as well. If you need to run instances to get gear ASK and we will help you run them.
      • Raids are 10 man or 25 man.  Obviously in a 10 man raid spots are limited.  We are working on building multiple, balanced 10 man teams so that anyone who wants to can participate.  It's a work on progress, please be patient but DO talk to Gorgonis  about your concerns.
      • To participate in Guild Raiding sign up on the in-game Calendar.
      • In order to be successful at raiding we need all able bodied toons to help. If you are online and we ask you to fill in a spot we would really LIKE you to do so.  A raiding guild would require you to do so but that's not us.  If you come when asked then your chances of being invited next time increase, alternatively, if you say no then you may but sidelined for someone more willing to help out the next time. This may seem harsh but the people more willing to make raiding successful will be included more often. There are only so many spots on a 10  man raid and we have to decide who to invite somehow.  We are open to suggestions.
      • We use Wow-Heroes.com to check your gear before raiding.  Please use it to improve your gear; it's a great resource.


  •  Runs: You may NOT ask for runs. Others may offer to run you but you  may not ask. Why? Because it is annoying to have people constantly asking for runs. Other players play for their own enjoyment not to level YOU with their time. There are occasions when people have the time and desire to run people and if they do they will ask in guild chat if anyone wants a run. Check the guild calendar for events in which you can participate.


  • Warnings, Getting Kicked & Banned?  We are all here to have fun but sometimes we take ourselves and the game a bit too seriously.  A warning is a reality check.


    • Sometimes a guild member may not act properly.  For instance:
      • Inappropriate conversations or comments in guild chat.
      • Treating another guild member poorly  or disrespectfully.
      • Cheating another guild member, or any player, in any way - trades, scams etc...
      • Being arrogant,  disrespecting another's class, race or profession.
      • Remember to treat your guild leader with respect ......


    • What happens? The first time you may get a warning. If we're in an event you may get kicked from the party or group.  You may get kicked from chat.  After several warnings (depending on what you did) you may get banned from the guild.  Sometimes you might get kicked the first time... depends.
    • If another guild member treats you poorly, cheats you or in some way causes you harm please contact any of the Exalted who is online.  They will try to resolve the situation.
    • People sometimes get kicked from the guild. Whitedryad and the Exalted have the power to kick.  If you get kicked you may also be banned for life, depending on what you did.  This means that  AT NO TIME in the future will you be allowed back into the guild.  If someone invites you then you will be kicked you as soon as you are noticed.. and you will be.
    • Sometimes a member gets kicked by mistake or removes themselves by mistake.  If this happens send a whisper or mail to one of the group and we'll resolve it for you.  If you get kicked without any warning or discussion it was probably a mistake - don't get bent or upset just ask Whitedryad, Tienesith/Gorgonis.
    • Impersonating a guild member as a alt will not only get you kicked, it will get you reported and is a perm ban offense with Blizzard.


    • We have had to kick quite a few guild members because of cursing so I thought it necessary to discuss it a bit here.  We are NOT going to publish a list of words you can say or words you can't say.  The point is that we are a family friendly guild. Imagine, if you will, sitting around the family table at holiday time.... there are people of all ages there.. from your 8 year old cousin to your great grandmother...the type of language that would be appropriate for that setting is also appropriate for our guild chat.
    • If you use inappropriate language one of 2 things will happen depending on what you have said. If you have just let a mild swear slip out you will probably get a whisper from one of the exalted reminding you to be careful.  How you respond to that caution message will determine if you stay or get kicked.  If you have used racial or sexual slurs you will be kicked without a warning. We have NO tolerance for this type of behavior. ZERO, ZILCH, NADA and BUH BYE.
    • ZOMG it isn't right for you to censor my speech! It's a free country.  WRONG. We have rules that we have set in place to make our guild chat a pleasant and enjoyable place for everyone in the guild.  There is no need for foul language or bigotry.  If you want to be nasty then join a different guild cause you won't last long in ours. Further, when you are talking sometimes a bad word can slip out in the heat of the moment BUT when you are typing you have the time to change what you say.  Things don't 'slip out' when you are typing; you have made a conscious effort to curse and can just as easily decide NOT to curse. I suggest the later or you won't last long......
    • Remember, we have people of all ages in guild and we want to keep it a safe and pleasant environment for all of them. 


  • For those of you who are just considering joining a guild - Why should you join?


    • If you're new to the game then a guild gives you a ready made base of friends to chat with, help with quests and learning how things work and to help with skills etc...


    • Join Midnight Fire because we are a fun bunch of players who believe in treating everyone with respect, no matter their lvl, their age or any other factors.  The only requirement is that you are respectful of others. At level 10 you'll have the same chance of getting promoted as a lvl 80! Play together, grow together!


    • Want to join? Found us somehow and want to join? Whisper any guild member, Whitedryad, Tienesith, Gorgonis or Yunariku for an invite or send one of us a mail with your request.


  • So you have decided to leave Midnight Fire?
    • It happens. Sometimes members want to join a real life friends guild or switch servers. Sometimes members decide they want a hardcore raiding guild.  We will be sorry to see you go but we understand that each  player has to do what they have to do.
    • We do ask that you:
      • Let one of the officers know before you leave.
      • Say goodbye - Don't leave in the dead of night with us wondering what happened.  We've been your companions for the time you've been in-guild and we'd like the opportunity to wish you well.
      • If you are upset about something and considering leaving talk to Whitedryad, Gorgonis or Yuna. We can often resolve any issues you have. If we don't know there is a problem we can't fix it. We want Midnight Fire to be the best it can be for our members but without our input we can't improve.
      • Realize that should you desire to come back and have left on good terms you will be allowed to do so BUT you will not get your rank or raid position back and will have to rebuild from scratch.




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